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Monday, October 24, 2016

What is the best free software to recover deleted files?

Summary: Hdata Recovery Software Support Team release a notice that, most free file recovery tool is not able to recover files completely or even get one files back. Consider about the value of the files, we suggest you should try to get a professional file recovery tool instead of totally free version.

You should have tried so many file recovery tools to get your lost files back but fail, do you know why this happen? In fact we have make a research on 2015 compare with over 20+ free file recovery tools for the performance on recovery, unfortunately, most of the free file recovery tools are out date. This is to say all such file recovery tool has not published a new update within 3 years.

This is really a bad news for users. They just thought to download a free file recovery tool to find out and restore the deleted files, but totally fail, no file can be restored.
In fact, for the lost important files which should be more value, we suggest you may try using Hdata Recovery Software, one of the best file recovery tools. With its Deep-Scan module you will be avail to get the deleted file back within 3-10 minutes or less.

Let’s start the recovery tutorial from this online video:

As you can see, it’s really design for everyone use, and it’s so easy that you will just have to click several buttons to finish the recovery process.

So what Hdata Recovery can do? You can retrieve files:
  • accidentally deleted from your PC or other media
  • deleted by viruses
  • too large to fit in the recycle bin
  • deleted on Windows network shares
  • deleted from a USB Memory Stick
  • deleted when you press "Shift+Delete" keys
  • erased when the Move or Cut command has been used
  • created and deleted by certain applications
  • deleted from the command line

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