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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hdata Recovery - file recovery tips from external hard drive

What is external hard drive? Sometimes we call the external hard drive as portable hard disk, it would be a little and small storage device to save files and it’s easy to take away with you. We also call the flash disk or USB disk as external hard drive too.

What kind of situations we can recover the files?
To recover all the lost files with Hdata Recover Software is simple, before that, we should know what kind of situations it will support.
l  You have formatted the external hard drive
l  You deleted the files from the external hard drive
l  Some files lost due to the virus or system cleaner tools
We have to note that if you would like to get a greater possibility of 100% successful file recovery, just turn off the power while you have recognize that you have missed some files, unless you have pick up a suitable file recovery tool. Yes, pick up the file recovery tool is the major factor to recover the files completely.

How to make a successful file recovery?
Here we take Hdata Recovery Software for example, you will have to download this free trial version first and install. And then launch this item and check on the interface. As you can see we don’t even have to discuss about the details, you just follow the wizard to click and select the path where the files were missing or deleted.

It will take several minutes (or seconds for USB hard drive) to scan the selected path fully, according to the storage of the path or the numbers of the files. The Super Quick Acceleration Module will run automatically so that you don’t have to wait for a long time.

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