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Friday, October 21, 2016

Top 10 file recovery tips for Windows with free Hdata Recovery Software

Deleted files accidentally is really not a big problem as we will be able to recover, we have strategies to get the file back. As per my previous post Amazing! Ultimate Method to Recover Permanently Deleted Files, here I will still show you 10 tips about the file recovery process.

10 Tips for File Recovery:
1 Pick up the best data recovery software.
It would be better for us to find out and install the best file recovery soft on your PC -- Hdata Recovery Software. It’s free to scan the lost files and all recognized files will be recoverable.

2 Install the file recovery software to USB flash disk.
According to the Hdata Recovery Support Center, we don’t suggest you install the file recovery tools on the hard drive. You may install to a flash disk to avoid any data overwritten. If you insist on installing on the hard drive please make sure not to the path where the files were lost or deleted.

3 Be careful to empty the Windows recycle bin.
Don’t just delete the folders easily. You would be better to check into the folder carefully, as well as to empty the Windows recycle bin.

4 Buy a new USB flash disk as backup.
For any important files, you would be better to save a backup into another storage device. The USB disk is small enough and easy to take.

5 Take actions as soon as possible to recover files.
Don’t just sit and wait for the files, you will never get the files back until you start to do. Now download the H-Data Recovery Software and start to scan the storage and get the files back. It will only take around 5-10 minutes.

6 Recover from CD or DVD.
Yes, take great data recovery softwares and you will be able to recover the files from the CD or DVD which is unreadable. Please note that the data recovery software will not fix the CD or DVD it will just help read the files.

7 Any file type is in the support list.
No matter image or word, any file type is in the support list to be recovered. So you don’t worry about what files you are lost, just start the data recovery process.

8 Any storage device is in the support list.
It’s not a problem about the compatible with storage devices, you may take the Hdata Recovery Software to recover files from hard drive, SD cards or a flash card.

9 Free to scan the lost files.
It will help scan the lost files within 10 minutes as per my previous words, also, keep in mind that any file in the scan result list is recoverable as promise.

10 All day long online support.
Hdata Recovery provide a 7 x 24 hours online support team, which will help you recover your files and give you the best plan to take files back safely.

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