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Sunday, October 23, 2016

2017 Top 10 File Recovery Software Tools Free Download

To recover deleted files you may download the free file recovery software from internet easily, which will help you recover all the deleted files quickly. Some users recognize that it’s not 100% for recovery result with different recovery software. So we will pick up and test most of the file recovery software and show you the top 10 tools.

Please note that this article is to show you the best of the best recovery tools, so what we concern is the performance of the recovery result. You may find out that one or two of the top 10 tools are fee-based.

1)       Hdata Recovery Software
Hdata Recovery is designed for everyone use, it’s easy and simple enough so you really need not to know too much about the setting. What you should do is to select and scan the path where your file were lost. It provides a supper quick scan module which help to make the scanning process quickly. Also, the SAFE RECOVERY module will run as well as the scan process start. No matter accidental deletion or formatted, you will be able to get the files back completely. See How to Recover Deleted Files from the Hard Drive

2)       Easeus Data Recovery Software
This is also a great data recovery tools like Hdata Recovery, also it carries the hard drive & flash disk recovery technology. It will undelete the files quickly too, you will also be able to download the latest version from their website. it will undelete files from hard drives, optical drives, memory cards, and pretty much anything else that Windows sees as a storage device.

3)       FreeUndelete
FreeUndelete is a free but professional software for data recovery. It’s not like other free software, it’s very simple but clear to process. It will support the deep data recovery for a whole folder deleted or the folders are lost or unable to open and read. Please note that it will not be able to fix the damage just help to restore files.

4)       Recuva
Recuva is one of the best file recovery software created from Piriform, who has also provide the CCleaner. If you have used the CCleaner you should know it would be the perfect and famous software in the world. Recuva is also great. It may be a little complex on setting or scanning for some people but we still would like to suggest this recovery tool as it has the great performance on data recovery.

5)       Undelete 360
Undelete 360 is one of the best programs to use for restoring accidentally or unintentionally deleted files from your computer. Yes it’s a free recovery too. It will recover files lost from the computer or flash disk as well as the SD cards. You will find out that the file size is very small, but it does carry the professional file recovery technology which will get the files back completely.

6)       Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery will allow you to recover files deleted from NTFS or FAT32 system, compatible with Windows 7/8/10. It will scan your hard disk and rebuild the file system, you can review all the files in the scanning list. Also this is a small recovery tool that you can save it into a USB drive, like Hdata Recovery, it’s an easy file recovery tool allows you to get files back by 1-2-3.

7)       MiniTool

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is great to use. Please also keep in mind that, please don’t install this software on the drive that contains lost data. As this will cause data overwritten, and this is fatal for recovering files. You can use this recovery tool to recover files from USB drive or hard disk, don’t worry, it’s good at recovering your lost data.

8)       PhoneRescue
PhoneRescue is also the special recovery tool for photo recovery. It supports nearly all of the photo file type so that you can take this as the best choice for photo file recovery, it would be fit for camera recovery. And you need to know is that it will also allow you to backup your photos on line.

9)       Aidfile Recovery
Aidfile free data recovery software is the tool to recover files from formatted hard disk or USB hard drive. That is to say, even you have formatted your hard disk it will also allow you to get all the lost files back. It’s suitable for people who know a little about PC as it’s really easy and powerful to use too.

10)       7-Data Recovery
7-Data Recovery is powerful recovery software suitable for common users. It’s fit for restore files that have been lost, corrupted or deleted by mistake. You can also download the free edition for recognizing your files that ware lost. You can take this to restore files from your memory card or external hard disk, which would be most helpful.

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