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Friday, October 21, 2016

5 File recovery tips about how to recover your files successfully

You should have known you will be able to recover your lost files no matter it’s deleted or emptied from the Windows cycle bin, according to Hdata Recovery Support Center. We have also reminded that everyone should start a backup plan to save files in different storage device or cloud.

To make sure we will get back all the deleted files successfully, we will list 5 recovery tips for you, which help make a greater possibility of 100% lost files will be recovered. So please mark down these tips:

1 Stop Using the Storage Device ASAP
Let’s say you deleted files from a hard drive please stop using it while you recognize the situation. In most of the failure file recovery process, keep using the storage device after files lost is the major problem.

2 Don’t save any new files into the storage.
This is also critical. Any new data written into the storage will cause data overwritten, which cause the failure of file recovery. Just don’t save any new files in the same path where the files lost. Please keep this in mind.

3 Save the recovered file in another storage device if possible.
We may not know the reason why the files were lost – this is what we worry about. May be the hard drive crashed? In a word, we don’t know whether there is any glitch on the hard drive, if we save the recovered files on this hard drive again, it may lost again?

4 Create an image of the storage device
This may be not that easy for customers, but this should be the safeties way to recover the files. Ok, I have to say most customers don’t know how to create such image of the hard drive, but if you use Hdata Recovery Software it will make this happen automatically. With this special technical method, it will keep the entire data structure original.

5 Check before deleting any file or folder
We have made a thorough investigation on why files were lost, what happen? Why so many people call for help on data recovery? The answer is simple, they just forgot that there may be a very important file or there may be an important file in the folder. So just check the files carefully, this tip should not be about how to recover files but it would be the key point to avoid data lost.

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