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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3 Tips to choose the best free data recovery software

Summary: We recommend 3 tips about how to choose the best file recovery tool.
You should wander how to choose the best file recovery files. Here we will list some features for you so that you can easily pick up the best one for you. You may also check out this article for the top data recovery software recommendation.

Support the Safe-Recovery technology
The data recovery process will scan into the storage device deeply and re-build the data structure. Some file recovery tool has not been updated for years and it would not be compatible with the new Windows. In this case you may find out that the recovery process may be interrupted accidentally and you will not get any files back. The worst is, one or more data structure may be destroyed, and you will never be able to recover deleted files any more.

Support the Free-Trial for researching lost files
We don’t suggest you pay for any data recovery software before you confirm that it will do help you get the lost files back. With Hdata Recovery Tool, you can start the lost file research process even you have not get registered. After the research, all lost files (recoverable) will be listed in the result. It allows you check all these files also make sure that your lost files is in this list and then activate the tool.

Support multiple recovery functions
File lost and recovery is a complex issues. To find out all the files lost due to different situations, we will need to choose the file recovery tool that supports multiple functions. Below is the function from Hdata Recovery. This should be the one we should consider.
1 Recover files from hard drive, camera card, USB and other media
2 Recover files emptied from the Recycle Bin
3 File recovery after accidental format or reinstalled Windows.
4 Disk recovery after a hard disk crash
5 Get files back after a partitioning error
6 Get data back from RAW hard drives
7 Recover documents, photos, video music and email,etc.

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