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Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Laptop Data Recovery

You should have deleted files from your laptop accidentally, have you? We just don’t believe that most people will follow our advice to back up all the important files so here we will list the top 5 things you should know about the data recovery issues for your laptop.

Can I recover files from the laptop hard drive?
Of course yes. All your files are saved on the laptop hard drive and it’s the same as the PC hard drive just a little smaller. So when you lost your files please take actions to get your files back. With Hdata Recover Software you will get the free scan module to research all the lost files.

Why my data is lost? I have not deleted the files.
Sure this is problem most asked, it doesn’t make sense. Let’s say laptop battery, some people will work with the battery which is low power. A sudden power off will cause the data loss issues. Also virus is also the reason for data loss. In fact, there are so many factors cause the data loss.

How to back up the files on laptop to avoid data loss?
It would be better for your save the important files copy on another external hard drive. Last year we have got so many cases about the hard drive crashed; this is also the main problem causing data loss too. Save your important files as a copy will help you keep files safe.

Should I choose totally free data recovery software?
Yes but we don’t suggest. Please note that data or files are important to individuals or business. A professional would save your files and cost no more than XX USD.
Hdata Recovery Software Price $25.95 at this time! You really need not to take the risk on your files.

How to recover the files from laptop?
Let’s take Hdata Recovery Software as an example. Simply download and install, launch and click the Start button to scan & recognize the lost files automatically. That’s it.

Features of Hdata Free Data Recovery Software
Hdata Recovery is capable of recovering lost files for various situations, such as:
1 Formatting Hard Drives or Partition
A Quick Format will delete all the files on the hard drive. Hdata Recovery will launch the AUTO-FIX module to find out all the data structure, which ensures safe restoration of files lost due to formatting removable cards, physical disks and partitions.

2 Accidental Deletion of files
Empty the recycle bin or delete files permanently (Shift + Del) causes the data lost. The Hdata Recovery will help restore the files within 3 steps quickly, just wait for several minutes. It provides a special recovery module to get a greater of possibility that all files will be 100% recovered. And you can simply work it out all by yourself.

3 Compatible with USB disk or camera cards
Hdata Recover supports most of the storage device, such as hard drive or external disk, as well as the USB hard disk. So you can use it for your laptop or for your cameral, or even for your Android table.

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