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Friday, October 28, 2016

Something You Need To Know About Laptop Data Recovery

How to recover files deleted accidentally from a laptop? Is it hard to recover files? Today I will introduce something about laptop data recovery issues and how to recover file use Hdata Recovery Software.
As we know, laptops are easy to take to travel or business trip outside, hence this will be the risk of physical or logical damage resulting in data loss or even you may delete files accidentally.

Hdata Recovery supports a super laptop care module which ensures success file researching and recovery completely. Also:
l  Compatible with all systems, Windows, Linux or Mac OS
l  Compatible with all brands, Sony, Dell or any brand
l  Compatible with all drives & external disk or memory cards

100% Success Rate on Recovery:
Hdata Recovery performs great on file recovery with 100% success rate. In fact it will scan deeper than other recovery tools which ensure that it will get a greater possibility of 100% files will be retrieved.
Any data lost case is a new one, but Hdata Recovery takes all in one. It supports the multiple recovery skills to fit for any data loss situation.

What you should do while files lost:
l  Turn off laptop and stop using the laptop
l  Do not restart laptop
l  Do not install or re-install any software
l  Do not shake, disassemble, remove or attempt to clean a suspected damaged hard drive
l  Do not use file recovery or other utility software to attempt to repair a damaged or failed drive
l  Do not attempt to dry a wet laptop
l  Never attempt to operate any visibly damaged devices
l  Contact data recovery specialists immediately

How to recover files from laptop:
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Laptop Data Recovery

You should have deleted files from your laptop accidentally, have you? We just don’t believe that most people will follow our advice to back up all the important files so here we will list the top 5 things you should know about the data recovery issues for your laptop.

Can I recover files from the laptop hard drive?
Of course yes. All your files are saved on the laptop hard drive and it’s the same as the PC hard drive just a little smaller. So when you lost your files please take actions to get your files back. With Hdata Recover Software you will get the free scan module to research all the lost files.

Why my data is lost? I have not deleted the files.
Sure this is problem most asked, it doesn’t make sense. Let’s say laptop battery, some people will work with the battery which is low power. A sudden power off will cause the data loss issues. Also virus is also the reason for data loss. In fact, there are so many factors cause the data loss.

How to back up the files on laptop to avoid data loss?
It would be better for your save the important files copy on another external hard drive. Last year we have got so many cases about the hard drive crashed; this is also the main problem causing data loss too. Save your important files as a copy will help you keep files safe.

Should I choose totally free data recovery software?
Yes but we don’t suggest. Please note that data or files are important to individuals or business. A professional would save your files and cost no more than XX USD.
Hdata Recovery Software Price $25.95 at this time! You really need not to take the risk on your files.

How to recover the files from laptop?
Let’s take Hdata Recovery Software as an example. Simply download and install, launch and click the Start button to scan & recognize the lost files automatically. That’s it.

Features of Hdata Free Data Recovery Software
Hdata Recovery is capable of recovering lost files for various situations, such as:
1 Formatting Hard Drives or Partition
A Quick Format will delete all the files on the hard drive. Hdata Recovery will launch the AUTO-FIX module to find out all the data structure, which ensures safe restoration of files lost due to formatting removable cards, physical disks and partitions.

2 Accidental Deletion of files
Empty the recycle bin or delete files permanently (Shift + Del) causes the data lost. The Hdata Recovery will help restore the files within 3 steps quickly, just wait for several minutes. It provides a special recovery module to get a greater of possibility that all files will be 100% recovered. And you can simply work it out all by yourself.

3 Compatible with USB disk or camera cards
Hdata Recover supports most of the storage device, such as hard drive or external disk, as well as the USB hard disk. So you can use it for your laptop or for your cameral, or even for your Android table.

For reference

5 Best file recovery tools to recover files from formatted hard disk

Don’t just format the hard disk without checking as you will never know how important the files you have saved in this disk. So many people contact us that they formatted the disk to empty the disk but forget to check and move the important files out, now all the files were gone. So what we can do after formatting the hard disk?
Formatting is a process which deletes all the data and files from the hard disk. After formatting the disk you will not see the files but all the files are still on the disk. Using a processional tool will help recover all such files and get back.
Here we will recommend 3 file recovery tools for you; all these tools support the Format Recovery technology so you still can retrieve the files from the hard disk.

1) Hdata Recovery
You should have heard Hdata Recovery Software as it would be one of the top file recovery tools. It supports the Smart Researching module which helps recognize and rebuild the files quickly. In fact this is the All-In-One recovery tool kit for customer, you can use it to recover deleted files, formatted disk or even retrieve files from a lost partition.

2) Undelete 360
Undeleted 360 is also a small but powerful data recovery tool. It provides a very powerful file recovery technology. You will be able to restore files from hard drives, digital cameras or USB flash disk.

3) Recuva
CCleaner and Recuva are all from Piriform. Recuva is able to recover files from a formatted disk or damaged hard drive. If you just want to get the files back it would be the good choice for you and it’s Super Fast on file recovery process.

4) Format Recovery
This is the software specializes in recovering data from formatted hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, CF card, USB stick or RAID, etc. Compare to the Hdata Recovery Software it seems it will take a little long time on scanning, but still be ok to acceptable.

5) iCare Format Recovery
It’s so useful when you formatted your hard drive or USB flash disk. Formatted drive recovery whether high levels formatting or regular formatting are all supported. When your drive whether hard drive, removable hard drive, SD card, pen drive, USB drives are shown Raw file system often called raw drive, iCare Format Recovery can recover files what are raw and inaccessible.
Tutorials: how to recover the files from formatted disk with Hdata Recovery?
1 Install and launch Hdata Recovery, find out the situation you meet and click the corresponding buttons.

2 Keep waiting for the scan process as it will take around 3-10 minutes for recognizing your files.

3 Select the files in the result list and start recovery. Save all the recovered files on another disk.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How to find deleted files easily? Get this recovery tool free download

You wonder how to recover the lost files which were deleted from the hard drive, searching on the internet day and night; you didn’t have to do that. Find deleted files are convenience for everyone if you have got a proper file recovery tool. You don’t have to know details about the data structure or the file storage technology just follow this tips.

Hdata Recovery is the leading file recoveries tool for find the deleted files. It’s simple and convenience for use. With this tool, anyone will be able to recover the files as DIY like a professional data recovery expert. It provides the high success rate of recovery with simple clicking the buttons, no complex setting, no complex tutorial or on link help.

Advanced Deep Scan – The special scan module to recognize the deleted or lost files, with the accurate recognition, we will get the greater possibility on 100% files will be recovered.

Any File Type Support – Hdata Recovery support pictures, music, videos, documents or any other file types.

Format Recovery Technology – Any files lost due to formatted are recoverable, it will start a smart scan process to fix the data and file system.

Calling a data recovery service is expensive but choosing a file recovery tool is easy and affordable, what you should do is to click 1 or 2 buttons and wait for the result. Such recovery tool is flexible.
No matter deletion or formatted the hard disk, or even a virus infection, hardware failure, all is acceptable for recovery. Although we can’t get a 100% guarantee to get files back due to complex situations, but in our experience, most case is still a 100% recovery. 

3 Tips to choose the best free data recovery software

Summary: We recommend 3 tips about how to choose the best file recovery tool.
You should wander how to choose the best file recovery files. Here we will list some features for you so that you can easily pick up the best one for you. You may also check out this article for the top data recovery software recommendation.

Support the Safe-Recovery technology
The data recovery process will scan into the storage device deeply and re-build the data structure. Some file recovery tool has not been updated for years and it would not be compatible with the new Windows. In this case you may find out that the recovery process may be interrupted accidentally and you will not get any files back. The worst is, one or more data structure may be destroyed, and you will never be able to recover deleted files any more.

Support the Free-Trial for researching lost files
We don’t suggest you pay for any data recovery software before you confirm that it will do help you get the lost files back. With Hdata Recovery Tool, you can start the lost file research process even you have not get registered. After the research, all lost files (recoverable) will be listed in the result. It allows you check all these files also make sure that your lost files is in this list and then activate the tool.

Support multiple recovery functions
File lost and recovery is a complex issues. To find out all the files lost due to different situations, we will need to choose the file recovery tool that supports multiple functions. Below is the function from Hdata Recovery. This should be the one we should consider.
1 Recover files from hard drive, camera card, USB and other media
2 Recover files emptied from the Recycle Bin
3 File recovery after accidental format or reinstalled Windows.
4 Disk recovery after a hard disk crash
5 Get files back after a partitioning error
6 Get data back from RAW hard drives
7 Recover documents, photos, video music and email,etc.

SD card recovery tutorial – how to restore files from SD card within 3 steps

SD card is the small card storage device which is fit for most people. Its widely used in camera or phone and Android tables. As we know, we will be able to recover files from the hard drive even the hard drive is formatted. So what you can do if you have deleted files from the SD card? How to recover the files from the SD card? If you still don’t know how to recover the files from the card storage device, just follow the video tutorial to start.

Which is the best software for SD card recovery?
We encourage you choose the best recovery tool to start the recovery process.
Many software can recover files from the SD, but as you know, not all of them will make a safe and complete recovery. The professional recovery tool is the best for a safe way to get the data back. We don’t suggest any test on data recovery as in some cases, you will get nothing back and broken the storage disk.
Hdata Recovery Software is one of the recommend programs to get the lost files back. Compare to other tools or hard drive recovery service, it’s easy enough and simple. You don’t need to learn any skill but just click to make all happen. Here is the interface for Hdata Recovery:
As you can see, while you have deleted the files accidentally, just click the first button to start the process. The program will do all the rest so what you should do is waiting for around 30 seconds for the scanning. In the last you will get a report that how many files are recoverable, and then you pick up the ones you would like to recover, that’s all.

Monday, October 24, 2016

What is the best free software to recover deleted files?

Summary: Hdata Recovery Software Support Team release a notice that, most free file recovery tool is not able to recover files completely or even get one files back. Consider about the value of the files, we suggest you should try to get a professional file recovery tool instead of totally free version.

You should have tried so many file recovery tools to get your lost files back but fail, do you know why this happen? In fact we have make a research on 2015 compare with over 20+ free file recovery tools for the performance on recovery, unfortunately, most of the free file recovery tools are out date. This is to say all such file recovery tool has not published a new update within 3 years.

This is really a bad news for users. They just thought to download a free file recovery tool to find out and restore the deleted files, but totally fail, no file can be restored.
In fact, for the lost important files which should be more value, we suggest you may try using Hdata Recovery Software, one of the best file recovery tools. With its Deep-Scan module you will be avail to get the deleted file back within 3-10 minutes or less.

Let’s start the recovery tutorial from this online video:

As you can see, it’s really design for everyone use, and it’s so easy that you will just have to click several buttons to finish the recovery process.

So what Hdata Recovery can do? You can retrieve files:
  • accidentally deleted from your PC or other media
  • deleted by viruses
  • too large to fit in the recycle bin
  • deleted on Windows network shares
  • deleted from a USB Memory Stick
  • deleted when you press "Shift+Delete" keys
  • erased when the Move or Cut command has been used
  • created and deleted by certain applications
  • deleted from the command line

Windows 7 recovery download (Free) also compatible with Windows 10

You will download and install the file recovery software to recover your files, which were deleted from the partition of the hard drive. Generally speaking the program should be compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10, but as you have tried, some of the file recovery tools were still just compatible with Windows 7 only. Here we should find out the free general program which will fit for no matter Windows XP, Windows 7 or even Windows 10.

Hdata Recovery Software is one of the best file recovery tools, which is compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10, as well as Windows XP. It’s a free program for searching the lost files, with the supper SPEED-UP technology it will help make a fast scan process.
"Yep, Hdata Recovery just the best choice for me. I don’t know why but it helps recover almost all the files from my PC. And the important is it’s really easy for me 50+ years old man. It’s amazing I just recover the files all by myself. How can this happen? All you have to do is clicking follow up the tips." - Review from KP
l  Compatible with full Windows series
l  100% Recover files from hard disk or any other storage series
l  100% Recover files from formatted storage device

With it’s Supper-Photo-Restore technology, you will be able to searching the lost photos from the camera memory card. The file recovery tool will start a scan for this card first, so you will have to connect the memory card to the PC with a card reader on Windows 7 or Windows 10. In fact, if you would like you can preview all searched photos before you make a decision to recover.

Just a Suggestion:
You may find out so many Windows Data Recovery tools on internet but you should be careful on picking up the tool. As per our experience, some tool has not been updated for years, which is not able to be compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10. Also it will not help you recover all such lost files too.

Video Tutorials: How to recover files on Windows 7 within 3 steps

Data recovery service? Recover deleted files by yourself within 3 minutes

It’s obvious you would be regret while deleting the files accidentally. Some people will search data recovery service for help. Sure, call for a manual data recovery service should one of the choices but it’s not the best choice, considering about the cost & time.

Normally the data recovery company will charge hundreds or thousands for recovering the files, and it will also take around 3-5 business days. Sometimes, they will also ask you to take the hard disk off from the PC and mail this storage device via UPS. Why we have to do so much just for some simple files?

Just take it easy, for a successful data recovery, it will just take around 3 to 10 minutes only, and what you have to do is clicking…. That’s all. Before we start recovering the files we hope you will have got the correct file recovery tools or you may download this one: Hdata Recovery Software, which is listed in our top file recovery tools list.

Why choose Hdata Recovery Software?
You will be able to download the free trial version to scan all the lost files on your hard drive. It provides the Deep Scan module which helps recover all the lost files quickly and safely. What you have to do is to select the partition and start the scan process.

  • Recover files even if emptied from the Recycle Bin
  • File recovery after accidental format, even if you have reinstalled Windows.
  • Disk recovery after a hard disk crash
  • Get back files after a partitioning error
  • Get data back from RAW hard drives

Video Tutorial

Sunday, October 23, 2016

2017 Top 10 File Recovery Software Tools Free Download

To recover deleted files you may download the free file recovery software from internet easily, which will help you recover all the deleted files quickly. Some users recognize that it’s not 100% for recovery result with different recovery software. So we will pick up and test most of the file recovery software and show you the top 10 tools.

Please note that this article is to show you the best of the best recovery tools, so what we concern is the performance of the recovery result. You may find out that one or two of the top 10 tools are fee-based.

1)       Hdata Recovery Software
Hdata Recovery is designed for everyone use, it’s easy and simple enough so you really need not to know too much about the setting. What you should do is to select and scan the path where your file were lost. It provides a supper quick scan module which help to make the scanning process quickly. Also, the SAFE RECOVERY module will run as well as the scan process start. No matter accidental deletion or formatted, you will be able to get the files back completely. See How to Recover Deleted Files from the Hard Drive

2)       Easeus Data Recovery Software
This is also a great data recovery tools like Hdata Recovery, also it carries the hard drive & flash disk recovery technology. It will undelete the files quickly too, you will also be able to download the latest version from their website. it will undelete files from hard drives, optical drives, memory cards, and pretty much anything else that Windows sees as a storage device.

3)       FreeUndelete
FreeUndelete is a free but professional software for data recovery. It’s not like other free software, it’s very simple but clear to process. It will support the deep data recovery for a whole folder deleted or the folders are lost or unable to open and read. Please note that it will not be able to fix the damage just help to restore files.

4)       Recuva
Recuva is one of the best file recovery software created from Piriform, who has also provide the CCleaner. If you have used the CCleaner you should know it would be the perfect and famous software in the world. Recuva is also great. It may be a little complex on setting or scanning for some people but we still would like to suggest this recovery tool as it has the great performance on data recovery.

5)       Undelete 360
Undelete 360 is one of the best programs to use for restoring accidentally or unintentionally deleted files from your computer. Yes it’s a free recovery too. It will recover files lost from the computer or flash disk as well as the SD cards. You will find out that the file size is very small, but it does carry the professional file recovery technology which will get the files back completely.

6)       Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery will allow you to recover files deleted from NTFS or FAT32 system, compatible with Windows 7/8/10. It will scan your hard disk and rebuild the file system, you can review all the files in the scanning list. Also this is a small recovery tool that you can save it into a USB drive, like Hdata Recovery, it’s an easy file recovery tool allows you to get files back by 1-2-3.

7)       MiniTool

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is great to use. Please also keep in mind that, please don’t install this software on the drive that contains lost data. As this will cause data overwritten, and this is fatal for recovering files. You can use this recovery tool to recover files from USB drive or hard disk, don’t worry, it’s good at recovering your lost data.

8)       PhoneRescue
PhoneRescue is also the special recovery tool for photo recovery. It supports nearly all of the photo file type so that you can take this as the best choice for photo file recovery, it would be fit for camera recovery. And you need to know is that it will also allow you to backup your photos on line.

9)       Aidfile Recovery
Aidfile free data recovery software is the tool to recover files from formatted hard disk or USB hard drive. That is to say, even you have formatted your hard disk it will also allow you to get all the lost files back. It’s suitable for people who know a little about PC as it’s really easy and powerful to use too.

10)       7-Data Recovery
7-Data Recovery is powerful recovery software suitable for common users. It’s fit for restore files that have been lost, corrupted or deleted by mistake. You can also download the free edition for recognizing your files that ware lost. You can take this to restore files from your memory card or external hard disk, which would be most helpful.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hdata Recovery - file recovery tips from external hard drive

What is external hard drive? Sometimes we call the external hard drive as portable hard disk, it would be a little and small storage device to save files and it’s easy to take away with you. We also call the flash disk or USB disk as external hard drive too.

What kind of situations we can recover the files?
To recover all the lost files with Hdata Recover Software is simple, before that, we should know what kind of situations it will support.
l  You have formatted the external hard drive
l  You deleted the files from the external hard drive
l  Some files lost due to the virus or system cleaner tools
We have to note that if you would like to get a greater possibility of 100% successful file recovery, just turn off the power while you have recognize that you have missed some files, unless you have pick up a suitable file recovery tool. Yes, pick up the file recovery tool is the major factor to recover the files completely.

How to make a successful file recovery?
Here we take Hdata Recovery Software for example, you will have to download this free trial version first and install. And then launch this item and check on the interface. As you can see we don’t even have to discuss about the details, you just follow the wizard to click and select the path where the files were missing or deleted.

It will take several minutes (or seconds for USB hard drive) to scan the selected path fully, according to the storage of the path or the numbers of the files. The Super Quick Acceleration Module will run automatically so that you don’t have to wait for a long time.

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Top 10 file recovery tips for Windows with free Hdata Recovery Software

Deleted files accidentally is really not a big problem as we will be able to recover, we have strategies to get the file back. As per my previous post Amazing! Ultimate Method to Recover Permanently Deleted Files, here I will still show you 10 tips about the file recovery process.

10 Tips for File Recovery:
1 Pick up the best data recovery software.
It would be better for us to find out and install the best file recovery soft on your PC -- Hdata Recovery Software. It’s free to scan the lost files and all recognized files will be recoverable.

2 Install the file recovery software to USB flash disk.
According to the Hdata Recovery Support Center, we don’t suggest you install the file recovery tools on the hard drive. You may install to a flash disk to avoid any data overwritten. If you insist on installing on the hard drive please make sure not to the path where the files were lost or deleted.

3 Be careful to empty the Windows recycle bin.
Don’t just delete the folders easily. You would be better to check into the folder carefully, as well as to empty the Windows recycle bin.

4 Buy a new USB flash disk as backup.
For any important files, you would be better to save a backup into another storage device. The USB disk is small enough and easy to take.

5 Take actions as soon as possible to recover files.
Don’t just sit and wait for the files, you will never get the files back until you start to do. Now download the H-Data Recovery Software and start to scan the storage and get the files back. It will only take around 5-10 minutes.

6 Recover from CD or DVD.
Yes, take great data recovery softwares and you will be able to recover the files from the CD or DVD which is unreadable. Please note that the data recovery software will not fix the CD or DVD it will just help read the files.

7 Any file type is in the support list.
No matter image or word, any file type is in the support list to be recovered. So you don’t worry about what files you are lost, just start the data recovery process.

8 Any storage device is in the support list.
It’s not a problem about the compatible with storage devices, you may take the Hdata Recovery Software to recover files from hard drive, SD cards or a flash card.

9 Free to scan the lost files.
It will help scan the lost files within 10 minutes as per my previous words, also, keep in mind that any file in the scan result list is recoverable as promise.

10 All day long online support.
Hdata Recovery provide a 7 x 24 hours online support team, which will help you recover your files and give you the best plan to take files back safely.

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Amazing! Ultimate Method to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

How to recover deleted files from hard drive or flash disk, or…whatever? OK, you really need not to worry about such case. While you recognized you have deleted the files or you have emptied the Windows cycle bin accidentally, you still have chance to get all these files back. In this article we will try to show you how to recover any file you deleted quickly, successfully.

Your Files Has Not been Lost!

Yes, you may find out that your files are lost due to the deletion, but as my previous words, you need not to worry about this. In fact, normally someone deleted files you will still be able to find out the files in the Windows cycle bin. OK, this is the common sense but what I want to say this, even you empty the cycle bin or format hard disk, the files are still able to recover.

How to recover deleted files quickly?
So let’s say you format a flash disk or hard drive, and then you find out that the important files have been deleted from the storage device. Now we will have to consider about the data recovery process.

1 Download the latest version and install on the PC. For example, you will click the first button to recover the files which were deleted accidentally.

2 Start a full scan process to recognize all the lost files. Keep in mind that any files listed in the final list should be recoverable. You will 100% get these files back as promise.
3 It will take around 10 minutes to finish the scan process. After that, you will see the files list in the list, please check and take a preview on these files. Select the files you would like to recover and save them on another storage device.

5 File recovery tips about how to recover your files successfully

You should have known you will be able to recover your lost files no matter it’s deleted or emptied from the Windows cycle bin, according to Hdata Recovery Support Center. We have also reminded that everyone should start a backup plan to save files in different storage device or cloud.

To make sure we will get back all the deleted files successfully, we will list 5 recovery tips for you, which help make a greater possibility of 100% lost files will be recovered. So please mark down these tips:

1 Stop Using the Storage Device ASAP
Let’s say you deleted files from a hard drive please stop using it while you recognize the situation. In most of the failure file recovery process, keep using the storage device after files lost is the major problem.

2 Don’t save any new files into the storage.
This is also critical. Any new data written into the storage will cause data overwritten, which cause the failure of file recovery. Just don’t save any new files in the same path where the files lost. Please keep this in mind.

3 Save the recovered file in another storage device if possible.
We may not know the reason why the files were lost – this is what we worry about. May be the hard drive crashed? In a word, we don’t know whether there is any glitch on the hard drive, if we save the recovered files on this hard drive again, it may lost again?

4 Create an image of the storage device
This may be not that easy for customers, but this should be the safeties way to recover the files. Ok, I have to say most customers don’t know how to create such image of the hard drive, but if you use Hdata Recovery Software it will make this happen automatically. With this special technical method, it will keep the entire data structure original.

5 Check before deleting any file or folder
We have made a thorough investigation on why files were lost, what happen? Why so many people call for help on data recovery? The answer is simple, they just forgot that there may be a very important file or there may be an important file in the folder. So just check the files carefully, this tip should not be about how to recover files but it would be the key point to avoid data lost.