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Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to Use Windows 10 File History and Recover Files?

We have introduced how to recover deleted files in so many different articles with Hdata Recovery support center. To be honest, recovering files is one of the worst things I can image, why most people don’t just backup the important files with Windows 10 File History? May be you don’t know how to enable or use it, here will show you how to do.

Before that you should know what Windows 10 File History is, Windows File History is the tool to backup important files. With this new backup tool, you can easily save copies for your data and files. Also, you can choose which file/folder to save. It will backup the specified file or folder every hour in default, and you can change this in the File History Setting filed.

Below are the steps to show you how to enable the Windows File History:
Step 1: Open the PC Settings app. Select the Update and recovery option.
Step 2:  Click on File History, we will come to the setting page.

Step 3:  Toggle the option that says File History to On. Check out the screenshot below:
When you turn it on and then you will be able to back up your import files now. Just follow up the wizard to set the backup tool run automatically. After that, you need not to do anything; it will back up your important files time by time, according to your setting.
Windows 10 File History will help you save the important files a new copy on external disk or any other storage device, so than when you lost your files you can still get these files back. But it’s not the end, you know, you may not have back up all the files. If the deleted files are not in your backup schedule, what can you do to recover the files?
To solve this problem, most data recovery expert will recommend using the 3rd data recovery software. The reason to use 3rd data recovery software is to make this as a Plan B so that we can restore those files not in the backup schedule.
You will be able to choose so many different file recovery tools, and below would be one of the best one you may consider.
l  Recover files from formatted hard drive, or deleted by mistake
l  Recover files from different storage devices
l  Free scan for lost files and easy to recover

In fact you can use this software to scan lost files and it’s totally free. It will list all your lost files in the result list for your review, that is to say, you can open all the files before saving on your hard disk.

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