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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to recover deleted files from USB drive?

You can easy to recover the files; I will try to answer your questions one by one with my years of experience on recovering lost data for business or person customers. And for your case, you may recover all the files within 3-5 minutes, it’s not that complex. I will also explain how to do that in the end.
Where are the files after deletion?
Please keep in mind that when you deleted your files accidentally, all the data is still remain on the storage device – that is your USB drive, even you don’t see any of the deleted files. So for us, data recovery engineers will start to find out the data and get the deleted files back.

How to recover the deleted files?
As I said before, to recover files is easy enough; no matter you are a child or old man. Just pick up one great data recovery tool to start this file recovery process. As most of the recovery tool will start the recovering automatically, what you need to do is START and WAIT.
Also keep in mind, you need to choose the real powerful data recovery tool, as not all of them will be safe enough to do the recovery. Here I will list some for your reference:
Hdata Recovery is one of the most use file recovery software for our team. Why? It’s really simple and easy for everyone. Like I said before, you just need to START the recovery and wait for recovering.  After that, just saves the recoverable files on your storage device. It help us restore so many files for different customers.
You can get from here: www.hdatarecovery.com/download

2 Undelete 360
May be Undelete 360 is not that famous like Hdata, but it’s still ok for USB drive recovery. It’s a small tool kit and easy to use. You can install this program on your PC and take it to scan your USB drive for the lost files. In some of the case, it may not recognize all the lost files, but just fine and acceptable.

3 Easeus
This is also the famous file recovery tool and compatible with most of the USB device. You can easily use it to checking the USB device for the lost files. Please note that no matter how powerful the data recovery software is, it will not guarantee the results that it will recover 100% files. (I will list some tips about how to increase the success rate to get 100% files.)

How to get complete file back?
In my years of data recovery experience, some tips you should know before getting the files back. As some people may complain that why can not get 100% files back. That is overwritten.
1 Do NOT use the USB drive to save new files.
2 Do NOT format the USB drive again as it will erase the data.
3 Start recovery process as soon as you can

The 3 tips are real simple but please keep them all in mind, these are the best tips for making all lost files recovered.

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